I've had the honor of sharing my passion for diversity, design and creative problem solving with companies, non-profits and educational institutions. I tend to lead these sessions through graphic facilitation and drawings...

See below for a list of recent talks and a gallery of the visuals that paired with them.

Forte Foundation: Upcoming! June 17

- The Future of Feminism

Tech Inclusion: Upcoming! June 14

- Importance of Diversity for Developing Ethical Artificial Intelligence

Lesbians Who Tech:

- Ethical a.i. and the power of diverse thinking to solve impossible problems

IBM Offering Management Bootcamp:
- Building Innovative Teams: Scientifically influenced bias training and modern management techniques

- Why Design: The basics of empathy, insights - building products that matter for a better world.

Washington University in St. Louis:
- The New Leader: how to lead in the age of cognitive computing

Cultivation Capital VC, Prosper Accelerator featured speaker:
- Teams that Work: how to manage modern teams and find your leadership blind spots
- Being a Boss: how to counteract bias and build an authentic brand

Forte Foundation National Conference 2014:
- Opening Keynote: 10 years of changing business
- The Road Less Taken

IBM Learning Series:
- Artificial intelligence for Energy & Utilities
- On the edge of innovation: pioneering third party data exchange in California

Washington University in St. Louis:
- "Can I get Aioli with that? How to add secret ingredients to otherwise bland consulting burgers"  Integrating design and creative capital into complex problem solving