Offering & Product Transformation


Sitting on the Global Offering Management Transformation team - my current work is focused on how to embrace high-impact ideas and get them into the hands of new and existing users with speed. Every offering should be infused with solving an otherwise unmovable challenge. The scope of this work crosses all of IBM's portfolio, allowing me to work on Hardware, Software and Services.


Cognitive Computing


As a Senior Manager of AI Applications for Watson at IBM; I set the direction of the future of Cognitive. Authored 200+ use cases for a.i. across 12 different industries, and penned a methodology for ai brain building that drastically reduced time to realization.

Led application evaluation and produced POVs on market and tech movement beyond the walls of ai.



Data Visualization & Design


Data Viz is an increasingly popular and innovative field that can greatly enhance the ability to explore, explain andexperience data.  I've led data viz work for clients to help them better understand their businesses, macro-economic landscapes, or customer and employee behavioral patterns. See below for a few examples...


Next Gen Energy


I've worked with multiple utilities, third parties, and regulatory bodies throughout the US on developing the strategies, technologies, policies and necessary business changes to accommodate a more efficient and effective energy future. In particular:

Providing pioneering work in the development of standards for Green Button Phase 3

Developing business requirements and adviseddevelopment of web UX wireframe design for the first automated access platform between 3rd parties and utilities for customer energy data

Leading testing and assisting in the development of technology for AMI enabled SMS alerts and web presentment of customer data

Leading testing for remote connect/disconnect functionality

Providing research and process analysis on Advanced Technology processes and operations that support HAN networks